I took photos today.

Just put on my favorite pics. Model : Yu-ka.


Head scarf from Kimberly Wyatt

I love wear scarf on my head lately.
Inspire from Kim.
 Kim's head scarf style

set up

                 down your  hair                                                 chose ur favorite scarf(mine is skull)

             scarf over your shoulder                                          right is long, and left is short

tie a scarf in your top of head                                   it is look nice already!

             turn the scarf till your favorite point                      tie at the back your hair and scarf togther

side look                                                            PERFECT!


Thanks, LUX♥


I created new blog but...

this blog is just like a my hobby. (I wanna say "趣味のようなもの?")
I'm totally customize holic-ne :)


I've been down.

I'm too self-conscious. I think I'm stupid and people hate me. I dont wanna stay here anymore.
I should go to bed tonite and foget everthing.

Good nite. Hugs for my friends.
Close your eyes and make a wish. I hope I'm smiling in my dream.


I've taken many photos lately :)

I was back to Tokyo while GW(golden week).
Refresh and deep relax in my house w/ my mother an my dogs.

LALALA We watched many old Japanese music video and talked our self each other. I spend great time w/ him I think.

AND, yes. I met other my girl/boy friends and hang out w/ them!!!
I love taking photo so I took many pix.
I jut put on somepics. If you want to see more plz come to my Flickr ;o)
I'll up them soon! http://www.flickr.com/photos/johanna_jacobs_tokyo/

@SHINJUKU GYOEN with my friend LUX

@ASAKAWA with my girl Hemmie

(photo by me)

in the Tokyo Disney Sea w/ my girl Hemmie



getting ready for live! Woot :)

Last nite my style

I love they MUSIC and Higa-san's guiter! It's exactly what I was hoping for :D


today's my little heart song
Think of u by Crystal Kay



I've been thinking that my fav color is purple, but.....I wonder if it's true?
✄ฺ--------- キ ---- リ ---- ト ---- リ ----------------

I feel tired no matter what I do these day.
Today is off day but I can't do anything.
I'll be 28years old this year so I'm not young or what?

I can go back to Tokyo from 4/29 till 5/9. I'm so glad cuz Im tired of staying here.
Not favorite shop, not friends, not new things and MORE .
MORE : I don't want them to misunderstand me. I wonder what went wrong? I just wanna talk w/ them and be friend.
But I think that maybe I'm (was) wrong for them. I'm really sad, I don't know how to break the ice.
It's the same old story.

I put on yesterday my fotos :)
sorry, this size is bigger cus took by cellphone.

(´。)(´o)(´O)(´〇)(´○)(´〇) (´O)(´o)(´。)wher


I slept in till noon today.

I put away my winter clothes and took out my spring clothes today.
So I was too tyed to yo-yo.

What's these outfits?

I tried some outfits<3 >

It's Monday again, I don't wanna go to work :(


Bunny keeping my life

I had a cold while this week, but now I'm pretty good.
Sometime, I'm thinkig of about them. It's mean THEM.
I'm selfish I know but I cant control my self sometime:(
Just I hope they get they dreams, and........I say
PLZ dont forget me........................................................................
Uh oh!


Im on way to office now.

I couldnt write jarnal few day because I felt down. Now, its clowdy in here and my feel is not good yet. But I have to go.


New Year Party!

I know this party is bit late but we did.

It's totally Japanese party!!


I dont like my face!

Well, actually I dont like my face cus I'm not look like a Asian beauty.
My eye are big...Almost Japanese ppl said "you are lucky and beautiful" but I dont think so.
I wanna become Asian models.
HoweverI cant change my face and Im going to chenge my mind.
Its mean, I can think my face is original!!!

Tomorrow, Im going to hospital and then I'd like to do something!!

Good night and have a great week.