Im on way to office now.

I couldnt write jarnal few day because I felt down. Now, its clowdy in here and my feel is not good yet. But I have to go.


New Year Party!

I know this party is bit late but we did.

It's totally Japanese party!!


I dont like my face!

Well, actually I dont like my face cus I'm not look like a Asian beauty.
My eye are big...Almost Japanese ppl said "you are lucky and beautiful" but I dont think so.
I wanna become Asian models.
HoweverI cant change my face and Im going to chenge my mind.
Its mean, I can think my face is original!!!

Tomorrow, Im going to hospital and then I'd like to do something!!

Good night and have a great week.


Namie-chan + Elva



I love both!!!!!!!!!!!
So cool and cute~

コトバ むずかしい!

りんごです。= This is Apple. = rin-go-de-su.

りんごですか?= Is this Apple? =rin-go-de-su-ka?

りんごです? = Is this Apple? uh huh? = rin-go-de-su?

This sentence might be right; this sentence might not.
Every words are too hard for me!!!

Today, I took offday becouse I was sick at the stomach on this morning.
I don't feel any better.
I'm going to new year's party on next Tuesday, so I hope I will be better soon.

Which dress I should wear...


in my town

Today was freezing cold here and very tyed.

Some time I cant control my self and feel loneliness.
However I dont know why I get SMILE quickly.
I think that I know everybody feel same as me and my fam, friends makes me happy.

I got one mail. Im so glad for that.Just thing. I thought that Im just human.

all for me 2010!

I was thinkg about my future today.
Me get married on last year and then now totally I'm not cute, its mean Im not girly!!!
I have to go on diet and keep my body and skin!!!
PS. I gave this pic from my mom<3 Arashi in Amotesandou!!!!!!!



結局 we over slept again and we didnt do anything!!
Me, tomorrow is off day. So Id like to do ALL.

I chenged comment setting. mmmmm this sentence is strange?
Maybe everybody can send comment now.

I have nothing special today.
I'll try to customize blogger layout.

we going to TENJIN tmr again!!!

I have been busy since last week and so tyed.
I hope to watch the movie "Julie and Julia" tmr.
We wish we had a car cuz we always use bus and its nakes me tyed.

OK, I'll check on when the movie show and then write to snail mail for bro.

Good night.


enjoy this weekend!

We are over slept today,. I cleaned the whole house, so bit tired.
Yesterday, me and cowoker were talking long time @ Macdonald on after our job.
She is sooooo funny! I like her<3
I wanna say "笑いっぱなしだった" in English but I dont know it.
Who someone know it? If you know it PLZ teach me.
And I got many some stuff or gifts? from my mom. I dont know what say that.
Thank you for sending me, mammy.
However I'm so busy and I forgot say "Thank you" to my mom.
She always super busy but she is kindness person so I regret it now.
What can I something for my mom? Sorry my mom and thank you for everything.

Tmr, me and husband gonna shopping to TENJIN.
Now 3:43am. I have to got to bed.
OK good night.

I am drinking everyday after my work.

I like HELLO KITTY!!! I have metal areallrgic so just put on plastic accessorries.

I got them from my mom!!
many cans.

her jeans.

Hello Kitty's toilet paper. LOL

She gave me her old camera. I'm so glad<3

Anyway, Have a gret weekend everybody stay smiling!!



first journal in English

today's outfit

Hi, nice to meet you.
My name is Joh-anna, I live in Fukuoka/Kyusyu in JPN now.
I'm Japanese however almost friends call me "Joh-anna" or "JJ".

Why I have to write blog in English? Becourse I leaned English all by my self about since 9 years and I think that my English is not good YET.
So, I'll try to study English too hard more than lsat year.
And then I'll try to many new things and someday I wanna open my site "team 610 project".
Now I don't understand how to say my project in English.
I hope I can say my project in English on end of this year.
OK, let me introduce my self.
I was born 06/10/1982 in Tokyo.
Recently I moved to Fukuoka and then I get married with my honey but we will back to Tokyo after 3 years.
I'm office worker for lab.

Im looking for fun ppl from around the world or wherever!
I love meeting new ppl and learning about new countries.
Your comment are welcome!!

Follow me<3