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Hi, nice to meet you.
My name is Joh-anna, I live in Fukuoka/Kyusyu in JPN now.
I'm Japanese however almost friends call me "Joh-anna" or "JJ".

Why I have to write blog in English? Becourse I leaned English all by my self about since 9 years and I think that my English is not good YET.
So, I'll try to study English too hard more than lsat year.
And then I'll try to many new things and someday I wanna open my site "team 610 project".
Now I don't understand how to say my project in English.
I hope I can say my project in English on end of this year.
OK, let me introduce my self.
I was born 06/10/1982 in Tokyo.
Recently I moved to Fukuoka and then I get married with my honey but we will back to Tokyo after 3 years.
I'm office worker for lab.

Im looking for fun ppl from around the world or wherever!
I love meeting new ppl and learning about new countries.
Your comment are welcome!!

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