enjoy this weekend!

We are over slept today,. I cleaned the whole house, so bit tired.
Yesterday, me and cowoker were talking long time @ Macdonald on after our job.
She is sooooo funny! I like her<3
I wanna say "笑いっぱなしだった" in English but I dont know it.
Who someone know it? If you know it PLZ teach me.
And I got many some stuff or gifts? from my mom. I dont know what say that.
Thank you for sending me, mammy.
However I'm so busy and I forgot say "Thank you" to my mom.
She always super busy but she is kindness person so I regret it now.
What can I something for my mom? Sorry my mom and thank you for everything.

Tmr, me and husband gonna shopping to TENJIN.
Now 3:43am. I have to got to bed.
OK good night.

I am drinking everyday after my work.

I like HELLO KITTY!!! I have metal areallrgic so just put on plastic accessorries.

I got them from my mom!!
many cans.

her jeans.

Hello Kitty's toilet paper. LOL

She gave me her old camera. I'm so glad<3

Anyway, Have a gret weekend everybody stay smiling!!



  1. I think you're trying to say "I laughed a lot" : )

    I love your journal by the way! You're very pretty and have amazing clothes!

  2. Hi!Thank you for your comment and telling me!
    Yeah I think that I would to say like that!



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