I've been thinking that my fav color is purple, but.....I wonder if it's true?
✄ฺ--------- キ ---- リ ---- ト ---- リ ----------------

I feel tired no matter what I do these day.
Today is off day but I can't do anything.
I'll be 28years old this year so I'm not young or what?

I can go back to Tokyo from 4/29 till 5/9. I'm so glad cuz Im tired of staying here.
Not favorite shop, not friends, not new things and MORE .
MORE : I don't want them to misunderstand me. I wonder what went wrong? I just wanna talk w/ them and be friend.
But I think that maybe I'm (was) wrong for them. I'm really sad, I don't know how to break the ice.
It's the same old story.

I put on yesterday my fotos :)
sorry, this size is bigger cus took by cellphone.

(´。)(´o)(´O)(´〇)(´○)(´〇) (´O)(´o)(´。)wher


  1. So many outfits :O

  2. the nerdy outfit is awesome~!
    cute outfits~

  3. to: Vincent

    My mom gave me them<3 lol

    to: Ken

    Thanks<3 kisu

  4. You still look very young! :)

  5. to: *~kAy~*
    Thank you sooooooo much!!
    Almost Japanese ppl looks young.LOL
    I'm going to be 28 year on the next month!



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