getting ready for live! Woot :)

Last nite my style

I love they MUSIC and Higa-san's guiter! It's exactly what I was hoping for :D


today's my little heart song
Think of u by Crystal Kay


  1. haro~~!
    anata no onamae wa nan desu ka??^^^
    i am studying engrish too! w

  2. ooh~ do you live in japan?

    that top is really pretty by the ways

  3. to: ☆rabbito-bonbon☆
    Halo :) My name is Joh-anna Jacobs.
    PLZ call me JJ!!
    But that is just screen name, my real name is Kumiko(久美子)
    I leaned English almost all by my self so not good^^;

    to: Jin
    Thank you for your sweet commente:)
    Yeah I live in Japan:)

  4. You have such cute style! <3 love your outfit :)

  5. Hontou ni?? o(^O^)o Anata no english name
    wa naisu desu ne~~ ♥ JJchan!! XDXD

    My name is Rabito Roy Lee. Weird rite?

    I used to live in Naraken years ago
    but too bad I have moved to Malaysia (> <;;)NG

    Why do you learn English anyway?
    o(*^ ^*)o

  6. to: *~kAy~*
    Thank you for your sweet cmt :)
    and I saw ur blog just now!!!
    You totally cute-ne!!!

    to: ☆rabbito-bonbon☆
    Yeah, I leaned English all by my self^^; LOL
    And NO! I didnt so, ur name is so cute.
    Not weird^^

    Did you come to Japan from Malaysia?
    How's there?

    Btw, I'd like to talk w/ many other coutry ppl so Im studying.
    And I'm huge fan of Elijah Wood an many movies.
    Someday I'd like to watch them all English:)
    HoW's you?



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